Washington DC

April 2005

Photos from the Washinton Monument

Wash DC Flag

These photos are not the best, partly because it was raining, and partly because the windows were extremely dirty.   It is tough to get someone to do the outside of the windows when it is this far off the gorund.

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The Capital building, with the Smithsonian Castle in the lower right and other museums along the mall.
The Jefferson Memorial with the tidal basin in the foreground.
The White House with the Executive Office Building to the left.  Note the Big Red One in the foreground of the Executive Office Building, as a memorial to the 1st Infantry Div.
The Lincoln Memorial in the background.  Because of the rain and poor quality, I thought labeling this would be better...
This is a shot directly at the Viet Nam Memorial, but the Kennedy Center is also at the right upper corner, on this side of the river.