Washington DC

April 2005

Miscellanous photo around town and of our Friends

Wash DC Flag

These are additonal photos taken around town.

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Gloria in a Cherry tree. Part of the Memorial to the 1st Infantry Division.
The Viet Nam Memorial, with one of the 2 statues, this one for the nurses.
The Wall A tribute to the nurses.
Gloria in another tree in bloom. Mike in a tree in bloom.
The Supreme Court Building.
located behind the Capital Building. Before the court had their own building, they used a room in the Capital Building.
Union Station.  This was completely remodeled about a decade ago, and now is a pretty big shopping mall, along with being a train station.
The bust of JFK at the Center. The trees in bloom.  This photo with about 7 different colors of pink or white.
Mike and Gloria at Arlington. Susan and Mike at Arlington.