Washington DC

April 2005

Library of Congress

Wash DC Flag

The Library of Congress is probably the most elaborate building built by the government.  It was made to impress heads of Europe, and it does rival many of the palaces and museums that we have seen in our travels.  We were most impressed to find something like this in the USA.  If you get the opportunity to visit Wash. DC, this is really a must on the ToDoList.

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The front of the Library of Congress.  This is located right behind the Capital building.
a closer look at the stairway. a close up of the statues in the fountain.  Very reminiscent of those of Italy.
This is the area between the front doors, as seen on the 1st photo above, and the grand reception hall, below.  That is gold folks, something not usually found in government buildings. This is another hallway off the grand reception hall.
This is the first thing that you see when entering into the grand receiption hall.
Each side has a stair case, this is the one to the right. Looking up towards the ceiling and the mezzanine area.
The leaded glass sky light. A close up of the sky light.
The left stair case. The archway under the words Library of Congress.  The doors at the end go into the library proper.  Only authorized persons can enter.
One end of the meeting room.  There were tapestries and other grand artwork on the other walls, with another fireplace at the opposite end. This artwork on the wall heading up to the second floor is all done in mosaic with gold and gold inlay.
This is another small section of ceiling depicting the delicate and detailed artwork.  The pictures tell of a prosperous people when there is education and a just government.