Washington DC

April 2005

Capital Building

Wash DC Flag

Through our local Representative's office they gave us a tour of the Capital Building.  It was interesting as we entered underground and there was a whole tour just of that.  It was interesting, but all of us from Sacramento think that the California Capital Building is better.  Security is tight and there is no longer entry to walk along the mezzanine on the outside of the building.

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The front of the Capital Building, with the Senate on the left and the House on the right. The rear of the building.

Every state is allowed to have 2 statues commemorating the state's sons.  Kentucky has Davy Crocket.  California has Father Junipero Serra (as seen on the right below), and an early scholar that they are attempting to replace. Likewise those 2 statues to the left are representatives from their home states, but this is also a small memorial to the MIA's & POW's.

MIA / POW Memorial in building. one of California's statues.
Rotunda on Assembly Side.  Pictures deptic George Washington's presidentcy. looking up at main capital rotunda.
Historical painting on the narrow hallways are all along the capital corridors. Painting of Abe Lincoln as they were building the capital building.
Civil War Statue outside the front of the Capital Building U.S.Grant on his horse in the front of the Capital Building.