Washington DC

April 2005

Arlington National Cemetery

Wash DC Flag

Arlington Cemetery used to be the Robert E Lee estate, but during the Civil War he lost it for failure to pay his taxes.  The union army didn't want Lee to get it back after the war, so they made it into a cemetery.   It is most interesting to walk along the path and view those that went before.   From Confederate Soldiers, to Presidents and their wives, it is a most solemn experience.  "And all the markers are in rows, just as good soldiers are suppose to be".

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Looking toward the amphitheater. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Notice the rifle is never on the side of the tomb. The changing of the Guard.

The ceremony is every half hour during park hours, every 2 hours when the park is close.

This occurs 24/7 365.  Even during Washington DC worst storm, they maintained their posts.

The changing of a wreath, always with full honors, including taps.
The trumpeter to the left. Students representing the school that is dedicating the wreath.
Audey Murphy's grave site. Memorial site for the Columbia, Challenger, and those who were killed during the Iran Hostage attempt.
Challenger Iran Rescue Attempt
Columbia The front of the Robert E Lee mansion on Arlington.
these 2 composite photos below are looking from the Lee mansion porch above.
Overlooking the cemetery and Washington DC
The eternal flame is behind, with Washington out front. Kennedy's famous speeches around the sides.
Venessa and Gloria Mike and Venessa
Iwo Jima with Washington in the background.