Washington DC

April 2005

Smithsonian American History Museum

Wash DC Flag

Mike, Susan, Gloria, and I toured this for about 3+ hours, and saw maybe a third of the contents.  There is just so much to see.

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Flag that draped the Pentagon.

This garrison flag was draped over the wall on the Pentagon where the plane crashed into it on 9/11.  Those black marks on the flag are from the soot and smudges left by the fire.

In a display that they called American Transportation
A Dodge School Bus depicted going to school in the mid west during the 30's. This traveling salesman as he was looking for a room to stay in the mid south.
Steam Locomotive, with the horse and buggy next to it. Using block and tackle to free a car from the mud.
Here we are in a mock-up of a train station cir. about 1945-50 Gloria and Susan telling this guy about Mike...
Mike getting fresh with this lady Mike showing he is a true gentleman by making sure she doesn't get wet.
Part of the Berlin Wall. Another section of the Berlin Wall.
A piece of the World Trade Center.