Washington DC

April 2005

Smithsonian Aerospace Musuem
@ Dulles Airport

Wash DC Flag

A special thanks to Venessa for giving Gloria and I the opportunity to see this newest Smithsonian Aerospace Musuem.

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Sculpture on the Freedom of Flight outside the museum. SR 71 Blackbird from overhead front
WWII Fighter P51??? SR 71 Blackbird from overhead rear
WW II Fighter Corsair Viet Nam Fighter F4 Phantom
WW II Fighter ?? The front of the plane below.
Anola Gay (a B29) was the plane that dropped the 1st atomic bomb on Japan.
getting a feel for the size of the Anola Gay Looking down at the cock pit area of the Anola Gay
Nose of an SST Air France SST
Looking down at the SST A stunt and racing plane
WW I Fighter and forward observer plane Space ship Enterprise
Looking down on the Enterprise Enterprise's exhaust.
The 1st Boeing 707 manufactured an experimental flying wing.