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MAY 2004

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Selchuk is the town outside of Ephesus.  Really Selchuk was probably where the people that were not Romans used to live, since only the Romans could stay inside the city walls at night.  

We found this to be a very nice little town, with very friendly people, tolerant of tourists.  There is certainly much to see in and around this area, and consequently we spent some time here. 

John the disciple of Christ is buried here, and  the last home of Mary, Jesus' mother is near the town.  Also the little town up in the foothills named Sirince is quaint, peaceful, and an olive capital of sorts. 

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Behind this hill is Ephesus.  Some ruins can be observed on the hill if you look hard but they are a little small here.  The road going up the mountain on the left is the road to the last home of Mary, Jesus' mother.  This photo is taken from John's Basilica.

city of Ephesus hides behind the hill

Below is part of the old Roman road between Selchuk and Ephesus, lined with these statues and lights.   The old road is used for walking and jogging, and the trees provide shade in the warm summers.

road side lights road light

This photo is almost opposite the panorama above.  It is looking at Selchuk with John's Basilica to the right of the trees in the center of the photo.  The old citadel of Selchuk is to the left most.

The old citadel of Selchuk makes a pretty picture from many different angles.  This was closed to tours about 5 years ago because of safety concerns.

Selchuk Selchuk Citadel
The street just down from the Ephesus Museum.

Looking down on part of Selchuk.  Note the new building going up in the lower right.  First the concrete is poured for the frame, then the cinder block bricks are put in for the walls, followed by the stucco on the exterior.  The roof is left flat for further expansion.

typical street scene residential area of Selchuk

Just what the sign says, Turkish Bath, established 1372.   About a century before Columbus sailed.

If you wanted to take a bath here you are to late. old turkish bath
stork minuet

Close up of a shoe shine stand.

He just would not take NO for an answer.  So I paid him 250,000 TL, about 30 cents.

shoe shine stand shoe shiner
a public water fountain.
public watering fountain Hey, it really works
These are scenes of the shopping bazaar in the little town of Sirince.
selling hand made and tourist items some nice stuff, but Gloria walked away empty handed.
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