Modern day Turkey


MAY 2004

Turkish Flag

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Pergamum is the undisputed birth place of the study of medicine.  A renown physician of his day observed how a snake bite didn't harm someone, so they started studying the venom of snakes.  Thus the 2 inter-twined snakes has been the symbol of doctors since the time before Christ.

Here we mostly view the Citadel at Pergamum and unfortunately didn't find the museum until after we had run out of time, and it was time to continue on our journey north.  So we didn't get to see some of the art work or the medical discoveries that the museum would have on display.

This is definitely a town worth spending a day or so in.  The people were quite warm and friendly, and although there are a lot of tour buses, we got the feeling that not many of them mixed with the locals as we had the opportunity to do.   Of course we got to mix mainly because we got lost more than once, and did get some interesting photos because of it.

Western Turkey


Therse are some of the remains of the Palace
Mike at the wall.
Panorama of an irrigation lake on the back side of the hill containing the Citadel.
irrigation lake
This is part of the Temple of Trojan
Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit.
I believe that these are also some of the original Palace walls.
Panorama looking toward the Theater with the remains of a temple below it.
A panorama view of part o the city of Bergama
Two aquaducts, one old, one new
Roman aquaduct modern aquaduct

Some of the sites one sees when lost, someplace in Bergama

A window, I believe it is some of the larger pieces still standing of the temple of Athena with Bergama below.

notice how they have modern businesses within the ruins window on the world
Aphrodisias Ephesus Gallipoli Istanbul Turkey Home Selchuk Troy