Modern day Turkey


MAY 2004

Turkish Flag


We took a "short cut" back to Kusadasi thru a bunch of small villages and were thinking we were lost and were rewarded with a fairly rare sight.  They said it was ok to take the photo.   Quite a young couple actually.

This guy in Bergama was more intent on Gloria than on the road or me, taking his photo.

reminds us of Joseph and Mary having fun watching the girls

These school girls were doing aerobics when Gloria started to take their photo, and they all came running up to the fence to pose.  They asked Gloria her name, and she did likewise.  She couldn't pronounce one of them.

And not to be outdone by the girls, he came running up, asking Gloria to take his picture.

Turkish school girls young Turkish boy
At the carpet manufacturing store we watched as a young lady wove the carpet.  Here she is cutting off the fray from each thread in the row. Here they are showing us carpet samples in the sales room.  We bought a runner carpet.
carpet weaver carpet showroom

Some modern transportation here...  ha...  On the left in Bergama, and on the right on the road between Selchuk and Ephesus.  The one on the right gives tourists rides between the 2 places.

modern transportation a wave from a friend driver

It was quite common to see people with leashes on their animals grazing by the side of the road.  Goats, cows, sheep, it didn't matter.  We laughed at those with cows, how is a little person going to keep control of that animal if it really wanted to go.  So we got used to saying they are taking their pets out for a walk.  These young girls in a village on the road to Aphrodisias were taking their goats for a walk...

The flower of the country must be the Red Poppy, just as the Golden Poppy is the flower for the state of California.  These red flower grew wild just everywhere in the spring.

Taking their goats out for a walk Red Poppys

Looking out our hotel window in Canakkale across the Dardanells.  To the left is some of the ships, and to the right is a Dolmus, a form of a shared Minibus transportation system.  They link towns with the villages, or various parts of the city, and depart whenever the driver feels he has enough passengers.

across the Dardanells Dolmus

Our Turkish friend Ahmet helped get us a few last minute gifts, including a couple of small carpets, as well as shared our last meal in Turkey.  We sat there for about 2 hours just talking and enjoying his company.  It was a most memorable evening.

Below is an old Roman cobblestone street, going from Troy to the sea.  We accidentally found it as we were attempting to get to the mouth of the Dardanells.

Ahmet, Mike, and Gloria Roman cobblestone street

This panorama below was as close as we could get to the mouth of the Dardanells, as the Turkish Army had a little security post stationed at the end, so we detoured down this dirt road.  We came upon a small  hill and went up to the top and took these photos.  Sure would have liked to have gotten over to the water though. That is Gallipoli in the distance across the waterway.

panorama of Dardanells
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