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MAY 2004

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Ephesus is probably the most famous ruins because of Paul's writings in the Bible, but it was not the largest of the sites that we eventually saw.   It did have many historical events, from the place that Anthony met Cleopatra, to a place were Elton John and Steve Wonder held concerts. 

It is said that if the libraries of the area had not been destroyed, and the peoples of Europe knew how to read, there would not have been a Dark Ages, since most of the conveniences of living were already in place.  They had running water, an adequate sewer system, and medical discoveries  to improve health and welfare.

During the Roman era, only Romans could stay within the city wall at night, and it was mostly a pleasurable life for the well heeled.


Ephesus and Aphrodisias highlighted on map

The Turks are leaving much of the ruins hidden for future generations to excavate.  This is a decision that they are using on all the archeological sites in the country.  As you see the hills behind the ruins, they contain entire populations, which will stay there until such time that they feel it is time to bring it to light.

basilica basilica
Above - Basilica, believed to have been built in the time of Augustus.
below -what is believed to be a municipal building.

below - A bath and gym complex.  Most of it still has  not been uncovered.

gym and bath

This small theater below was once covered and believed to be build about 150 A.D., and was used for concerts and meetings.  It held about 1500 people.

Small theater small theater
an arched door at the theater Gloria sitting in front of 2 arched doorways at the theater.  One Greek the Roman architecture.
These are street signs.  The left, the symbol for medicine, consequently the hospital is next to the sign.  The one on the right the sign of Nike close to the athletic area.
staff symbol for medicine Nike symbol
an old temple the hospital
Above and Below, the remains of the Temple of Domintian, one of the first temples built to an emperor. Above - the Hospital
Gloria in front of the temple got to go pee-pee?
As the sign above to the right states, the Latrine. Pretty close quarters, so you much be friendly with your neighbor.  We were told there appears to be no segregation, so...  There was also a fountain in the center of the room, believed to add atmosphere, and keep the place cool.
luxuary who's turn was it to bring the paper?
the main street temple
The Street, the road between the hospital and the library.  On both sides of the street stood statues. The temple of Hadrian build in the 2nd Century A.D. dedicated to the Emperor.
Below - This covered mosaic sidewalk was bordered by pillars on the street side and houses of the rich on the opposite side, so that people could be covered during the heat of the day. Below - The Library of Celsus, built about 120 A.D. for Julius Celsus by his son as a monumental Tomb.  It was revealed by excavations in 1904 and restored between 1970 and 1978.
mosaic walk way the library
a couple of status, one with head, one without... you choose which is which... walk to grand theater
walk to grand theater

The street above and to the left is Marble Street going between the Library and the Grand Theater.  The grand market was on the left of the road.

To the left, the people are looking at a sign of a women, a left foot and a heart that were carved into the marble to define the Brothel.

Below is the Grand Theater.   This is where many modern day concerts were held.  This was always an outdoor theater, noted by the gutter that runs around the stage.  This was built in about the 3rd century B.C., and held gladiator games in the 3rd and 4th Century A.D.
The grand theater

The Grand Theater is the largest theater structure in Turkey with a capacity of 24,000 spectators.

This is Harbor Street where Anthony met Cleo.  The harbor was originally 500 meters from the theater, although now it is about 5-10 miles away.

looking back at the grand theater. walking on harbor street
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