Outer Banks, North Carolina
Wright Brothers
National Memorial
N.C. Flag


Guess that says it all...

Below is an exact re-creation of the Wright Brothers plane, made of the same materials from the original drawings and designs.

Inside the museum, with picture of other aviation pioneers along the wall. Inside the museum

The above plaque is on the granite rock in the lower left photo. 

In the lower left photo you will notice the rail in the ground that was used to guide the plane prior to going airborne.  They flew the plane 4 times.  Each distance is marked off with the stones found in the lower right photo.  The last flight of the day was the longest, so noted with the stone in the distance.  The plane was wrecked upon landing from at that flight.

Marking the distances flown one can walk the distances.
The Memorial of Flight, below, was dedicated on the 25th anniversary of the event.
sitting on Kill Devil Hill.
From the top looking down.
Looking down the hill, you can see the flight path with the 4 stones, and reproduction buildings of where the brothers lived and worked, along with the museum.
Below, from the photos taken on that eventful day, these bronze statues have been created to life size to give people the feeling of actually being there.
NagHd-KitHwk-16.jpg (34967 bytes)
In the photo below from this angle it actually looks like the propellers are moving.
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a panorama.

A panorama photo looking east towards the Atlantic Ocean, showing the towns of Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head.