Nags Head,
The Outer Banks


NC flag

The northern end of the Outer Banks has no roads, so residents as well as the tourist drive on the sand.   This can make people happy, as well as frustrated.

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Stopping on the beach for some stretching and dancing.

Below: Toni, Mike, Phylis, Gail, and Mike.  Hey, same names for both pictures...
The house right on the sandy beach.  See the wild Mustang at the left of the house.
Here are the wild mustangs down at the water's edge.  Photos by Lyn.
Betty getting close. Lyn and Don getting close.
"Into everyones life a little sand must fall."

"Hey Mike, the back tires are going down!!!"

"I'll put it in 4 wheel drive."  Mike said.
"Hey Mike, All 4 wheels are sinking down!!!" "Well, get out here and shovel..."