Nags Head,
The Outer Banks


NC flag

As with every gathering of the tribe it doesn't matter where, it is really all about the people, and the place is just a serendipity.  With a whole week to share experiences and events in our lives it made for a deeper relationship among ourselves.  There were a couple of new people that got to be loved like old timers.  And there are the usual attendees that could not make it, and they were greatly missed. 

But regardless of the location we might be at we always manage to have a grand time.  Here are a few of those photos. 

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Starting in the back row and working forward:

Mike, Judy, Lyn, Benny, Toni,
Ray, Phylis, Brian, Don,
Vicki, Bill, Peggy, Gail, Betty,
Pat, Betsy, Mike, Kathy, and Linda. 

Mike, Gail's husband took the photo, using everyones camera in turn.

Mike, Bill, and Linda at the down stairs bar. Benny and Gail in the kitchen
Mike Benny, Bill, Don, and Ray, into their game. Lyn congratulating Benny for a great shot.
Bill and Mike getting excited as Toni watches. Ray doing the barkeeping for Don, Vicki, and Linda.

The Mermaids ~ Gail, Linda, Betty, and Vicki.

Dr. Phyl enjoying the ocean.
The backs of Toni and Vicki, with Judy, Kathy, and Gail.  Pat and Phyl are in the background. Vicki, Kathy, and Phylis.
Bill and Peggy, Gail and Mike, Lyn, and Don. Ray, Betsy, Judy, Benny, and Mike, with the backs of Linda and Toni.
Don giving Vicki some pointers on the gentlemanly game of pool. Can she make it?
Pat and Linda
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