Thursday is the time when the excitement gets so overwhelming that one is ready to explode.  You want to sit in the entry of the hotel and see who is arriving just so you don't miss the one person you want to see.  It was fun being there knowing that 4 days of enthusiasm awaited.

Dallas Intercontental Hotel

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Kaye and Mike - Photo by Judy Bill, Kaye, and Mike - Photo by Judy
Kathleen and Bill - Photo by Judy Judy and Dola - Photo by Judy
Bartender Bob.  He has a degree in Martini-ology.
Ray, Bruce, Lyn, Phylis, and Paul
Dola, Benny, Kathy, Ray, and Linda Dave, Kathy, Vicki, Pat, Dola, and Ray
Greg and Linda Kathy, Judy, Pat, and Benny
Bob, Lyn, Vicki, and Bruce. Kaye, Bob, Vicki, Ray, and Bruce.