SATURDAY "Journey Home" DAY

Today was the day dedicated to a large lunch at the Istanbul Cafe.  This is rated the best Turkish Restaurant in the USA, which is a well deserved accolade.  Probably half the group went there for lunch, and needless to say it was packed. 

The afternoon was dedicated to the film, which didn't leave many dry eyes in the place.  The show was good, not only because it was about us, but as the remainder of the weekend unfolded, it was the foundation for many discussions and assisted many of us to get back to our basic roots.  

The movie "BRATS: Our Journey Home, an intimate portrait of a lost american tribe", followed up by the book, "MILITARY BRATS, Legacies of a Childhood Inside the Fortress", gave us the tools to be very introspective of our lives.  I could not get past the Introduction of the book with out getting choked-up.  These things, combined with "Operation Footlocker", made for a very retrospective weekend, and might provide answers to some deep rooted personal questions.

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Donna Musil, the author of the film, and was kind enough the answer all questions.  To communicate with Donna, go to the web site, by clicking on the post card above, and sending her an email from there.

Don and his wife Susan after the film.
Brian and Nancy after the film.