SATURDAY Evening Relaxing back in the Suite

As the crowds started thinning the gang returned to the suite for some quiet time, leaving the dancers on the floor.  Lyn, bless her heart, was done in and after a couple of glasses of wine, no sleep for about a week, and the stress of the weekend, didn't take much to pass out.  She did an exceptional job putting the weekend together and ensuring there was something for everyone.  

Did you get your TROJANS?
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Lyn, down for the count and well deserved. Mike the photographer and webmaster with Linda.
About half the class of 65, as the remainder were still on the dance floor. Mark, Bill, Kathy, and Patti.
Bruce and Willie Bob and Jeanne
Janice and Gail
Paul, Pam, and Linda finding sitting on the floor gives them ample room.
Someone put balloons on Lyn as she slept, and we all had a good chuckle over it, but can you guess who the guilt parties are?
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Yep, Bob and Brad.

Mike and Bill