SATURDAY Evening Buffet Dinner

We just couldn't get enough of that Turkish Food.  The Buffet was catered by the Istanbul Cafe with some of our old time favorites. But of course the food was secondary to the socializing.


Did you get your TROJANS?

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Lyn and Kathy looking just fantastic.  Lyn really out-did herself not only with the event, but with the entire weekend.  Mike sharing with some of his class mates.
The Allens... Greg and Kathleen
Bruce and Linda Mark and Phyliss
Pat, Kathy, and Mark.  Pat how many times must you be told not to sleep at the table??.
Steve and B.Jo
Linda and Jodi Jodi and Roy, what a great looking couple.
Ray, Benny, and Sally. John and Betsy.
Jeanne and John Bill and Julie