FRIDAY Evening Cocktail Party

This is the first chance we all had to gather in one place.  The food was from our favorite Turkish Restaurant, and the party was on it's way.


Ankara American High School Reunion Mug

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The parade of celebraties into the event
                                                Which couple below are brother and sister?                   see answer on page 2
Vicki and Bill Steve and B.Jo
Kathleen and Greg Phyliss and Kathy
Muff and Mike July, Bill, Jodi, and Roy
Lois, Gregor, and Leon
The musicians.
Roy and Jodi.
Roy is one of the most delightful Texas Gentlemen that I have ever met, and they are a wonderful couple.
Bill and Julie
Ginger.  What a beautiful Lady. Ginger's back, with Jeanne and Kaye.
Steve and Dawn. A view of the crowd.
Brad and Linda.  West Coast meets East Coast. Dixie