Friday was the day of Registration and waiting for all those that didn't arrive on Thursday to make their entrance.  There were a lot of squeals and hugs.  The love was everywhere as people waited in anticipation as to who would arrive next.

Ankara American High School Reunion Mug

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John and Merri. Registration

Merri, Cathy, Betsy, and John wait on new arrivals.

Cathy, Betsy, and Merri, sign in people while Lyn and Merri are talking. Janice, Bob, and Betty in the foreground, and Dola and John in the back.
Carol, Kathleen, Anita, Phyliss, Jill, and Kathy all head off in a taxi for a day of shopping.
Marti and Charlie waiting for the rest of their group. Suzanne was so anxious for her friend to show up she had to have a couple of beers.
Marty, Mike, and Mary
Bill and Greg.
Larry and Dee Gail, Betty, and Bruce.
Kay, Jeanne, and Jodi.  Jeanne and Jodi were both "found" within the last few months.  We were so glad they were there. Linda and her daughter.  When I first saw her, I thought it was her cousin Crissie (see New Orleans reunion).