Operation Footlocker is a traveling musuem of items donated by BRATS to share with others of a like background.  This display, along with the movie, "BRATS: Our Journey Home", and the book "MILITARY BRATS" (as mentioned in the Saturday Day segment), made for a most inward and reflective weekend.

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Operation Footlocker.  Click to go to Military Brats page on the footlocker.

Some of the articles found in the footlocker include many tee-shirts of various events from many places.  Also included were stories found in the binders below left, written about events in the BRAT'S life.  Some are stories help the writer to remember, others stories to help forget and get past the event.  One tells the story about the stuffed animal on the chair below and how it helped the owner every time they relocated.

Each item means something special to someone, and it is what they wanted to share with other Brats.