the Cooks and the Mikes.  Damn we haven't changed a bit, 2 handsome guys...

The Cook's Reunion & Wine Tasting

Mr. & Mrs. Cook invited everyone over for some cheese, wine and reaquaintances.  There was much hugging and jovality, and just spending time with some one that helped shape all of our lives.  The feeling is like it was back when you attended your first reunion and saw a very good friend and you realized just how much they meant to you, and you could only show your appreciation by being there with them and enjoy their company.  That is the way all of us were as we just wanted to be in the same place with these wonderful people.  The time together was just too short!!!!

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Julie, Bill, and Mrs. Cook Mr. Cook and Kathleen
Mrs. Cook and Mike Mrs Cook, Rich and Lana
Mrs Cook, Peggy, and Ginger Anita's back, Mrs. Cook, and Ray
Kathleen getting her book signed by Mrs Cook Mike, Mrs Cook, and Mike
Mike and Kaye Bill, David, Mike, Kaye, Anita, and Bob, along with a couple of backs.
Bill and Mrs-Cook Mrs-Cook, and Mike
Peggy, Mike, Ginger ImaJean, Gloria, and Steve
Kaye making the poster.  I tell you there is nothing like a Fez to make a girl stand out... Bill keeping his Fez on
These 4 photos are curtacy of Judy.  Thank You for sharing them.
See what I mean about the Fezzes standing out... Dianne, Mike, Kaye, John, Mike, Judy, Bill, David, and Mrs. Cook.
She knows how to wear a Fez or 2 Fezzes
The Class of 1964
What a Fezzy bunch...

mrs.cook good-by letter