The art of Just Hanging Around

Just hanging out with the crowd.  Kind of like back in the shool days when you'd go to the Teen Club.  Not to do anything, just to be with you friends, doing nothing.  No one does it better than folks that are already retired like these 2.  So the moral of the story, take lessons from them, and join us at the next gathering of the clan.  This is what it is all about.

Dana and Janice

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Janice, Bob, and Carolyn want to know why they are friends? ...they see eye to eye
Bill, Judy, and David Anita and the Dolcimer
Diane at her 1st reunion, and Judy Bob, Janice, and Mike
Brian, Vickie, Diane, Peggy, and Mike Julie, Bill, David, Judy, and Buttercup
Rich and Lana Bob, back of Mikes head, Diane, Sissy, and Carolyn
Brownie, Linda, and Ginger Brian, Vickie, Dana, Vickie, also a 1st timer, and Lana
It's a MAN thing  -  Bennie, Bill, and Rich Julie, Buttercup, Judy, Dana, and the back of Bobs head
Betsy, Kaye, Judy, Bennie, Bob, and John's back Gloria, Mike, Dianne.  So good to see her again.
Gloria's Surprise Birthday Kaye, Gloria (Birthday Girl @ 58), and Mike
Kaye, Brownie, and Gloria Kaye and Gloria
Gloria and Linda.   The TWINS Gloria's back, Ginger, John, and Bennie
The Dining Hall Dining Hall #2 aka The back porch.  Betsy, Lyn, Bob, Janice, and Ray
John, Bennie, Steve, Ginger, Peggy, and Mikes back "Now dis is ho ya eet skitty'", Bruce tell Gloria, as Linda and Bill look on.