The Log Cabins and the Gang

The resort had Log Cabins and we occupied about 5 of them.  But of course we mostly stayed in the party cabin, since that is where all the food was, and something else, that usually comes in a bottle???...  ha 

Most of the happenings were at the house, and it was good to get reacquainted with our old friends, and listen to Bob's lies...

Having a great time enjoying each others company...

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Friday Afternoon on the Porch.  The weather could not have been better.
chillin... Bill and Bennie
Ray and Merri sharing a chuckle, and Lyn on the phone. Bill, Judy, Peggy, with Lyn and Janice.
A very good photo of Don, Lyn, and Betty. Melody, Judy, Janice, and Mike
Bennie and Ernest Hemmingway, I mean Gregor. Peggy and Gloria.  Note the painting of the cabin over the fireplace.
Gail with an Apple-tini, courtesy of Bob Peggy, Melody, Gloria, Bill, and Gregor.
George and Dana Betty and her mother.  this photo does not do either of them justice.
Merri, Betsy, Bennie, and Jim We sure ate well
Betty, Don, and John There were quite a few lively games of pool, with Bennie, Don, and Jim.
Bob keeping us in tears with his memory of his senior prom.  Was she really 9 Bob? We sure laughed alot that evening.
Bob had the attention of Gloria, Bill, and Ray. Ben, bob and Betty's boy, Betsy, Gregor, and Merri, keeping and eye on the pool table.