The top of the Capital building

Austin, Texas, State Capital for Texas.

The seals are for: Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, The Confederacy, and The United States of America.  The land of Texas has flown all these flags at one time. 

Texas is also the only state in the union that was a republic prior to becoming a state.

The marble found in this building and those around the capital were all from Marble Falls.

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Texas State Capital Building

Texas State Capital Building
Facing sway from the Capital building, just opposite above photos. Remember the Alamo
Heros of the Alamo.  Their names are engraved on the inside of the monument. God and Texas, Victory or Death
inside the dome over the rotenda. The new underground legislature offices, looking up at the capital building.
The Texas Seal the back of the Seal

On the Left is the State Seal, while on the right is what is on the back of the Seal.   The back of the seal, Remember the Alamo, Texas One And Indivisible. The bridge for the plain where Mexico was defeated with no way to escape, the cannon which was a rally cry daring the Mexican Army to come and take it, and the Alamo, along with all the flags that have flown over the land.

Texas Longhorn Stadium above the Austin skyline.

View of Stadium

The 6 seals on the side of a government building.

A close up of the seals.