The Lodge and the Gang

The resort had some 3 room suits scatter over many building.  But the hospitality suite is were all the action was. 

People on the second floor are viewing the people in the driveway.

birds on a wire

Having a great time enjoying each others company...

put cursor on picture

Rich, Bennie, Gary, and Kathy Dave, Linda, and Mike
Don't bother me, I'm eating...
Bill, Kathy, Gregor, Vicki, and Linda Gary, Kathy, and Judy

Betty waiving good-by to her well wishers as the Chauffeur driven Rolls Royce departs for a tour around Flat Head Lake.


The Surprise Birthday Party for Steve.  We all thanked God that he is here to enjoy it.


Steve blowing hard with one of his gifts
the rest of us looking on, waiting for our cake & ice cream
Steve, Gary, Kathy, Ray, Gregor, Bill and Judy Lyn, Vicki, Donna, Steve, Gary, Kathy, and a bald spot...
Gail, Dave, Betty, Bennie, Betsy, Gloria, Linda, Anita, Don, and Rich
how about some carrot cake, or maybe a beer??? Judy says Good cake, Bill says Im still waiting...