loading up for the hotel

The Barn

They made sure it kept it's outward charm, but the inside is all new and beautiful.  They did a great job with Vicki as the general contractor and lead carpenter and Gregor doing the supervising. 

While there, lunch was served to the starved masses, and Vicki and Gregor could not do enough to make us all feel welcome and at home...

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Rich, Betty, Vicki, Lana Gregor

you can see the counter top behind Vicki and then again in front of Gregor, so the counter separates the dining area from the kitchen.

The Loft guest bedroom Overlooking the living and dining rooms

these are 2 opposite photos, one looking up to the loft, the other looking down.  Now look at those beams.   Gregor was telling us of how much work it was for Vicki to clean the bird droppings off of them.

here Gregor is telling Anita and Gloria of all the trials and tribulations of the project while they are in the Loft guest room. 

Gregor while still giving the tour of the master bedroom, takes a moment to talk to Gloria about the underground cold storage.

lots of wood working equipment Gregor's play room

When it is -20 degrees out and snow up to the knees, one needs a place to retreat.

Or a place to hide, whichever suits the situation...

a view of the mountains and the crisp clear air. Anita, Bennie, and Judy on the front deck