Turkish Flag
Merri shares her photos with us as we indulge ourselves at the "Bates Motel", Port "A", Texas



Put cursor on Picture for verbiage.
Lyn and Bennie sharing an intimate moment Bennie with his droopy drawers being intimate with all.
The TWINS John practicing his twirling on Anita's tassels.
Lyn napping after too many bottles of champagne. The French maid and the swinger.
Great photo of Judy. All dressed up and waiting for the unknown...
Sharing a laugh, a nervious laugh, not knowing what the future has in store. Bill helping Catherine tie the knot, as Tim makes some adjustments.
Here comes the BULL.  Love the expression on Rich's face... Ray getting gored by the bull.
Bennie's turn to be gored.
Rich, Mike, and Catherine hearing how Rich came up with the idea of the Running of the Bull.
Lyn enjoying the festivities. Bill enjoying the great meal that was prepared.
Judi enjoying the dinner meal. Kathy remembering the running of the Bull.
Tim, Catherine, and John enjoying dinner. Gloria and Mike chowing down...
Good photo of Lyn and John Bill picking Vicki's brain
Not sure what's happening, but from the laughing, know they are up to something.

AND here is what they were up to!!!  The Celery Boys. Tim why is yours celery so short? Kathy would you care to comment?

We laughed so hard over that we were crying. That is one that will outlive us all. John telling us that is was THEIR idea and he was an innocent bystander.