The Bull

They might "Run with the Bulls" in Spain, but they don't have a thing on this group.  Complete with the white pants and shirts, and red scarfs.  When Rich wants to make a point, he makes sure that it is driven home, figuratively speaking...

Thanks for a great time and lots of laughs...

The BULL arrives. Look at that Mischievous face. (you must determine which one)

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Before the Bull has been let loose...
Bennie, Betsy, Merri, Vicki, and Ray Waiting in anticipation, even the French Maid showed up.
Kathy (the French Maid), Judi, John, and Bill, still waiting. Looks like the crowd got tired of waiting and someone groped the maid. Much to Gregor's delight.
The Bull Arrives!  Note the backward hat, he is nothing but business.
LOOK OUT, Ray!!!! Run!!!  Faster!!!
Bennie running as the Bull shows no mercy. Looks like Ray is not fast enough to stay out of the way of the horns.
That Bull got tired, so they brought in a replacement...
This Bull seems to be having too much fun playing with the butts.
Looking for the next target.
Dana and John keeping an eye on things.

The bull playing with the tassels.   He knows right where to go...

Now the Bull gets tired and looks for a place to ride. Found one.
Merri, Rich, and Anita, enjoying the festivities. Rich enjoying that he was able to pull something over on both Bennie and Ray.