Vancouver, Canada
Granville Island & Gastown

June 27-30, 2003


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market enterance

Granville Island was a site of busy commerce a generation ago consisting of a mill and a concrete factory.  As times got tough during the 60's and 70' it became synonymous with "Skid Row".

Some artists moved in and then the city thought it would be a nice place to clean up and make it a "people friendly" environment again.  This was accomplished a number of years ago, and we were very impress with it.  The concrete factory is still present as a memory of the past.

Sign for all along False Creek to see. Some of the best produce and products in the Northwest

Below are a couple of other views along False Creek towards City Center as we enjoyed lunch and a jazz concert on Granville Island.

Gassy Jack Gastown
From the base of the statue:
"Gassy Jack" 1830 - 1875
The Founding Father of Gastown
From Hull, England he was an Adventurer, river boat pilot and captain, but best known for his GASSY monologues as a saloon keeper and hotel owner.

Here is a statue honoring Gassy Jack, the first honorary mayor of Gastown for whom the area was named. 

Vancouver has done a great job of restoring this part of the city, keeping this place as the area that all tourist long to visit.

This unusual building is directly across from the statue of Gassy Jack on Gassy Jack Square.  This is a common site in Europe, but not in the America's.

an odd shaped building
Steam Clock in Gas Town built in 1870's.  Note the steam coming out the top. Possibly the only Steam Clock in the world.  That is North Vancouver in the background.
I just thought the lamp posts really set this part of the city off with the color of the flowers. Another post and close up of the flowers.
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