Vancouver, Canada
Going Home & Visiting along the way

July 1 - 4, 2003


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This is the United States and Canadian border.  There are flowers making up the flags of both countries, along with this gate with both flags on top. 

We left on "Canada Day", and the next day the city of Vancouver was awarded the Winter Olympics of 2008, so they were pretty excited about it.

US FLAG in flowers Canadian FLAG in Flowers, with Gloria walking across field...
Dora, Mike, and Bill Bill and Dora Smith.


Uncle and Aunt by name, friends by choice.  A great couple to spend time with.  Listening to his stories is an adventure all by itself.   Certainly happy that at over 80 he is getting along so well.

Below, was our visit and stay with Dave and Linda (Green) Lang. 
This is their home in Puyallup Wash. where they have Mt. Rainier out their living room window.
Mt. Rainier reflecting off the window, as Gloria has a snack. Pretty clear day, although there was a fire burning in the mountain area.
Gloria, Linda, Friend, and Dave all striking the same pose. STOP, THEIVES!!!!!!!
Gloria and friend in Tacoma.  Maybe she is trying to hit him up for a dime...

These photos were taken at the original Tacoma train station.  It is now a museum and visitors center.  The world famous  Glass Museum is directly behind the restored station.

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