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I traveled with my family as my father, an Army Sergeant, moved from base to base, averaging about one move a year.  Seattle, Anchorage, Augusta, Frankfurt (Germany), Giessen (Germany), Newport News (Va.), Ankara (Turkey), and Winters (Calif) are the towns and places we lived.  At that time I headed off to college in Fresno, then did my own time in the Army, all of it in Asia.  I was in Ft. Ord, Augusta, South Viet Nam, and Tokyo, then discharged and moved on to San Jose, then Sacramento.  Along the way I was married for the first time.  We were together for 10 + years and had a son.

I met Gloria while I was working for the City of Sacramento.  Gloria was going through her divorce, and I led her to the Lord, to assist with the heartache.   We met again a number of months later, and after a period of time I started remodeling Gloria's house.  That was an 18 month project, redoing the entire kitchen, living room, and bath room, along with creating a dining room and utility room.  We continued dating and finally got married.  Then after a number of months, Gloria decided she didn't want to be married any more, but I hung in there and tried to make it work.

The challenges came to an end when I agreed to her request for a divorce.  We separated in Sept 2005, eight years after we got married.

But these pictures are some of the adventures we had over the last couple of years, along with pictures of my many High School Reunions.  I am also the Web Master for the the local car club, and by clicking on the CARS button will take you over to see some of my toys.


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